About Us

  • Welcoming place that engages each child.

    To develop a safe and supportive learning community where every child is provided with a rewarding and stimulating education.
  • Cudgee Primary School Our Core Values.

    • A safe and secure environment built around respect and trust where relationships between teachers, children and families are highly valued.

    • Nurturing a love of learning and teaching children the skills to become life long learners.

    • A vibrant and supportive school community that works together to enhance children’s educational experience.

    • Providing leadership opportunities for all children.

    • A consistent and innovative whole school approach to teaching and learning that is research based.

    • Developing and utilising facilities to deliver a varied and comprehensive curriculum

  • Our Education Philosophy

    Our education philosophy is based around a learning environment that is:

    Child Centred

    Our teaching and learning approach places the needs of children at the centre of our core school business. We aim to provide personalised learning that is interest based and developmentally appropriate.


     Learning opportunities are designed to embrace children’s authentic interests to ensure that their learning is relevant, real and meaningful. Their choices are valued to promote ownership and foster leadership.


    Our teaching is intentional and responsive to children’s needs. We aim to provide them with a solid foundation of fundamental skills that enable them to thrive in the 21st century